Area               : 2,717.92 sq. km.
Region           : VI
Provinces      : Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan
Towns/Cities : 29
Barangays      : 483
Outlet             : Visayas Sea, Jintolo Channel
Est. Pop’n       : 693,612 (2010)
RBO                 : Panay River Basin Alliance
RDC Reso.       : RDC Resolution No.74 (s.2014)
Forestland       : 954.23 sq. km.
A&D                  : 1,763.69 sq. km.
NGP Area         : 165.42 sq. km. (as of October, 2015)


“Sustainable, green, productive and protective ecosystems and environment promoting climate change adaptation, disaster resilient and empowered communities in the Panay River Basin.”


“Ensure the sustainable development and management of the Panay River Basin through the active participation and empowerment of communities.”


Disaster-proof & Climate Change Resilient Infrastructure Dev't.
Sustainable Livelihoods
Development of Empowerved Communities
Responsible & Accountable Governance in PRB


  1. Mambusao Watershed


  • Water Potential: ~936.90 MCM*
  • Total Demand: ~956.28 MCM* Net Balance: ~(19.38) MCM*

  • Palay : 2,292,201 metric tons
  • Corn: 330,782 metric tons

  • Gold (Cuartero, Maayon and Lemery
  • Manganese (Sara)
  • Iron (Roxas City)
  • Limestone (Tapaz)
  • Guano and Phosphate (Dumalag and Dumarao)


  • Competing use of land for food production and urban development
  • Degraded watersheds, mangrove areas and marine sactuaries
  • Encroachment in water ways and public lands
  • Flooding and drought events due to climate change
  • Conversion of timberland
  • Mangroves used as fishponds
  • Low productivity level (farmers and fisherfolks)
  • Inadequate drainage systems
  • With areas prone to landslides and soil erosion
  • Lack of support services for rural development


  • One Panay River Multipurpose Dam (Panay High Dam)
  • Major Drainage and Flood Control Infrastructure
  • Reforestation, Stream bank stabilization and Agroforestry
  • Research and Development on CSA, water yield and gaging/hydromet stations
  • Sewage/Septic Tank Treatment (study)

River Basin Organization

Pan-ay River Basin Alliance

  • Formulate & Approve 5-year Management & Rehab Plans & programs
  • Lead effective, sustained & coordinated implementation of the master plan including existing policies & guidelines
  • provide continuing direction for the integrated development planning of the Pan-ay river basin
  • recommend to LGUs to abate industrial wastewater sewerage and enforce environmental laws
  • encourage LGUs to pass appropriate resolutions or necessary ordinance in support to the development of Pan-ay River Basin
  • establish cooperative effort in partnership with the government & other stakeholders
  • disseminate information and conduct educational awareness and value formation programs leading to sustainable river basin through convergence initiatives
  • strengthen the enforcement of National & Local laws
  • establish technical staff to assist in the performance of its functions and shall avail services of all NGAs and GOCCs
  • Conduct quarterly meetings
  • perform such other power & functions necessary