Area               : 11,936.55 sq. km.
Region           : X, XI, XIII
Provinces      : Compostela Valley, Davao Oriental, Davao del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Agusan del Norte, Surigao del Sur, Misamis Oriental, and Bukidnon
Towns/Cities : 45
Barangays      : 652
Outlet             : Butuan Bay
Est. Pop’n       : 1,671,445 (2010)
RBO                 : Agusan River Basin Governing Board
RDC Reso.       :
Forestland       : 8,560,.92 sq. km.
A&D                  : 3,458.36 sq. km.
NGP Area         : sq. km. (as of October,2015)


"A peaceful, prosperous, resilient and globally-competitive economy characterized by an empowered and culture-sensitive citizenry, inclusive growth, and balanced ecology."


  • Ensure the effective implementation of the ARB Master Plan, harmonize development strategies and policies towards the promotion of culture-sensitive and gender responsive IRBM approaches ; and
  • Facilitate the establishment of favorable environment for sustainable agro-industrial and ecotourism development as well as strongly support the community-led poverty alleviation programs and projects in the ARB.


"Poverty reduction and enhanced livability in the Basin by the year 2025 through the optimal development and sustainable use of Agusan River Basin resources according to an Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) approach founded on unified governance, demand-based and high impact interventions, and effective knowledge database development."


  • Facilitate the institutionalization of collaborative and integrative working arrangements among primary and secondary stakeholders in the course of planning, prioritizing, and implementing resource development and management interventions with significant contributions to poverty reduction, livelihood development, CCA and DRR;
  • Ensure and support the operationalization of an ARB-RBO that shall harmonize governance and corporate functions in harmonizing and realizing IRBM initiatives, supported by the development of enabling legislation and corresponding institutional, organizational and operational frameworks;
  • Address key resource development and management issues through communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) programs, knowledge transfer, and promotion of effective indigenous and culturally-appropriate resource management practices;
  • Promote the well-being and rights to self-determination of IP groups through legal recognition of their ancestral domain, traditional rights, and socio-legal institutions, and reinforced by institutional strengthening and capacity building of ICCs / IPs and support agencies;
  • Strengthen the adaptability and preparedness of Basin people to flooding and water-related risks through improved water management founded on improved institutional management as well as structural and non-structural solutions;
  • Enhance priority-based, multi-purpose, and high-impact Basin resources development based on comprehensive, solid (yet dynamic) knowledge database development and management;
  • Develop policy and management interventions in accordance with Ramsar Guidelines and integrate or harmonize the initiatives under an IRBM approach, including data management and monitoring, institutional capacity building, CEPA, and zone reclassification of the Agusan Marsh;
  • Encourage an improved water resources management (i.e., domestic water supply, sanitation, irrigation) through better demand management, equitable resource allocation, resolution of water conflicts and the reconciling of institutional and environmental management frameworks for planning, decision-making and implementation; and
  • Mobilize resources and implement key programs/ projects that are needed to address conservation/ biodiversity, poverty and development initiatives and recommend policies for the adoption of PES.

  1. Andanan Watershed
  2. Gibong Watershed
  3. Batuto Watershed
  4. Simulao Watershed
  5. Taguibo Watershed
  1. Mt. Kaluayan-Mt. Kinabalian Complex
  2. Mt. Diwata Range - partly
  3. Mt. Hilong-hilong - partly
  4. Bislig Range - partly
  5. Mt. Agtuuganon & Mt. Pasian - partly
  1. Tagulbo River WQMA
  1. Agusan Marsh-Wildlife Sanctuary

The Agusan River Basin Governing Board (ARBGB) was institutionalize last December 11, 2015 and chaired by Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos. It is composed of 7 Governors, 1 City Mayor, Acamede (FSUU), PIA (Media), AFP, PNP, NGO/CSO, Religious Sector, NGAs (DENR XIII, NEDA XIII, MinDA, NCIP XIII), IP/ICCs Representative and designated permanent representatives.
The Agusan River Basin Summit is the first to be organized among all of the RBOs in the country. It is expected to be the benchmark for best practices for the other 17 river basins in the Philippines.

River Basin Organization

Agusan River Basin Governing Board